How to make the “false positives” go away for better lead generation results

In an interview with Peter Ostrow, President and CEO at <a href=””>TCI Marketing Services</a>, we learned that the secret to their success is based on delivering consistently better results than the competition. They achieve this by focusing on building and integrating into the process the right technology – one that can do many jobs. By managing a large amount of data through their unique software, they can efficiently and accurately provide their customers with consistently improved leads at a better price than their competitors. How do they do this?

TCI Marketing Services provides qualified leads to its B2B IT customers by making sure that the prospects they are delivering are extremely well vetted—no false positives. The advantage for the customer is that they can outsource a part of their lead generation activities knowing that TCI will deliver top quality leads on or ahead of time. With a focus on their sales goals, many marketing departments find it virtually impossible to generate enough raw leads that will ultimately satisfy the requirements of their down funnel sales activities, and that’s where <a href=””>TCI Marketing Services</a> steps in.

“While it sits in the background, the software we developed, improves the quality of the results while reducing overall program management costs and delivery times. That’s how powerful it is,” Ostrow said. He believes that having “a deep technology layer” allows them to deliver the best product to their customers, with technology that sits on a SalesForce platform and bridges the gap between traditional marketing automation and call center software.  Because of this, the ability to target goes up, results improve significantly over traditional publisher-led IT lead generation deliverables and the costs come down. Because of the ability to do things quickly and competently using one software base, they can offer a better product/result, thus helping their customers improve their Return on Investment (ROI).

Ostrow believes they’ve flipped the traditional lead generation model on its head. “With the advent and the proliferation of content out there, list degradation has gone through the roof, so our customers have tremendous trouble keeping subscribers active and engaged,” he says. “Using technology, we said it is less important how the relationship between the prospect and the advertiser is created, all that really counts is that the prospect is engaged and the long-term ROI for that prospect is there.”

To reach Peter Ostrow and learn more about how technology can increase your ROI, contact him at <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]</a>.

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